820-00840 One USB-C port data wont work


Board had U3200 damaged, looked burned on top in a couple spots. Laptop worked but it would shutdown sometimes and data did not work on ports according to client.

U3200 pads 80 and 81 were burnt bad (USBC_XB_USB_TOP_P - USBC_XB_USB_BOT_P), one of them had to be bridged up since it was gone, after fixing that U3200 was replaced and those voltages came back, but now one of the ports (not the one were the work was done) data doesnt work but only one side, if I turn the USB device data works fine and on the other port data works fine. Charging works on all 4 sides of the ports.

Already replaced the 2 CD3217 and U2800 but same thing as far as data on the lower port U3100

When the port fails PP20V_USBC_XA_VBUS_F is 1.2V (the other port I am using to power the board) if I turn the USB device around PP20V_USBC_XA_VBUS_F is correct at 5V


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The USB-C redriver chip looks good?
Change it, just in case.
The problem appears only with USB 2, or also USB 3 device?


Thanks, that did it, BTY the boardview I have is probably for the 00875 board as that IC is not present there, is the correct 00840 boardview available?