820-00840 Won't POST


Hello. Got this board from another store here. For what they said this machine got liquid damaged some months ago, their client brought the machine to them, they cleaned the board and it worked for some months. Now the machine came back not working. They sent it to me and the symptom is that trackpad clicks, so it's in S0 state. I have 0.980V on L7210/20, so there's VCORE, but I have no POST. No chime, no USB activity. R7842 had bad solder, so I replaced it, still same. What else could I look, since as they cleaned it before there's no signs of corrosion anymore on the board.


Staff member
CPU core should drop to 0.6V, when board boots.
Check all SPI Bus Series Termination resistors and traces.
Inspect and clean J6100.
Try known good BIOS.