820-00850 MacBook Pro 13 A1989


I got recently this MacBook with no charging issue.
I've use 820-00239 schematic diagram to check out the board.
Laptop was liquid damaged around L3500, U3100. I replaced all liquid damaged components and reball U3100 because laptop didn't take charge on one c-type port voltage didn't go up to 20V after it laptop still did not take charge on this port stays on 5v only. I decided to replace CD3215 after replacement issue persist plus laptop is charging intermittent on other ports..
I am not to familiar with those boards I checked under microscope board all looks good, I've removed this ic and issue persist voltage from charger stays on 5v on rest of ports .

Thanks for advice


Staff member
SMC requires to talk with ALL CD3215 chips from the board; even the ones from not powered USB-C ports.
You cannot test the board removing any of CD3215 chip.

This board will not login to macOS without battery; fan goes to max also, in this case.
Use correct schematic to diagnose the board...