820-00850 no 20v


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Hi guys I have an 820-00850 that just stopped working. Board looks super clean no signs of liquid damage. I have 5.14v and 0.06A on charger. PPBUS is 12.26v (thought it should be 13.01v?) and 3.3v on the CD3215C.his low voltage on PPBUS indicate SMC issue same as with older boards?
I just got the same model board that was also showing the same symptoms (5v, 0.06a). I followed the instructions in this article to restore the T2 firmware and the board is working fine now (https://help.apple.com/configurator/...#/apd0020c3dc2). Only took me like 15 minutes to fix it and the owner actually said he brought this macbook to the genius bar and they worked on it for almost an hour and then told him the logic board was fried and would need to be replaced. Unbelievable to me that they could not fix it but definitely try this before doing anything else on the board.