820-00875-A A1708


Hi, USB-C shows 20V with cycling amperage from 0 to 0.025A

pin 1: 1mV
pin 2: 20.5V

R7030 shows pp3v3 is at 3.39V

L7030 is at 12mV


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"R7030 shows pp3v3 is at 3.39V"
What is the relation between both???

Post basic voltages of U7000; P_IN, AUX_DET, VDDA/P, EN_VR1, SMC_RST*, AUX_OK, A/BMON.


Amon: 1.5mV
Bmon: 0.3mV
Aux: 3.42V
Aux_det: 5.11V
RST: 0
VDDP/A: 5.12V
pm_en: 5.12V
ppvin_g3h: 20.5V
banjo_envr1: 70mV


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"RST: 0"
Do you mean SMC_RST*?
Really strange, as per schematic that is SMC_RESET_L.
I wonder how do you get 20V at USB-C ports, if SMC is kept in reset.
Please, check again SMC_RESET_L level.

You expect help, but you don't even take your time to properly write the signal names.
Did you ever see one of my posts writen in such way???


Yes, I did mean SMC_RST was 0, and on the second measurement, SMC_RESET_L is 3.42V and not 0 I must've had my multimeter prongs on it wrong and I apologize, It happens sometimes, I'm not perfect.

I figured you would understand my abbreviation of RST because every signal you just listed was an abbreviation and I had to spend time in the board view looking at the 40 pins of U7000 to find which ones you were requesting.

I assumed the P_in you wanted was ppvin because there is no p_in, there also was no en_vr1 and I found banjo_envr1 across the board because, in the off chance that's what you were referring to, I didn't want you to write another comment like the one you just wrote:
" You expect help, but you don't even take your time to properly write the signal names."

If I'm wrong and there is P_in or en_vr1 I will gladly show you my board view because I do not see that.

I'm not trying to make your job difficult
, I'm doing my best to give you the information that you need as quickly as I can. I don't have the expert knowledge that you do about every signal on the boards, if I did I wouldn't be posting here.

In this post and this post you listed out the signal names without abbreviations and I was quick to find the values for you and there was no confusion from either party.

In this post I tried to make everything organized and clear for you, and it was an oversight to not list everything in the same order and you were quick to tell me otherwise, which is why in this current post I kept the AUX, Aux_det and Amon and Bmon together, to make sense because that's how you wanted in the past.

In this post I tried to make it even more clear with tables to make your job easier and to help me easier/faster.

Then I tried to explain to you I didn't understand which signals you wanted because you gave me abbreviated "SCL/SDA" and I had to spend extra time just typing SCL and SDA into the board view but wasn't sure if SMBUS_SMC_5_G3_SCL was what you wanted or if it was one of the other 10+ signals that have SCL and SDA in it

Then you made this comment:
"No idea, looking at battery connector in schematic???"

Don't you think that's exactly what I was doing? I was in the board view and didn't understand which ones you specifically needed because, again, it was abbreviated and not the exact signal or even close enough that I could get the right signal with confidence. Simply searching SCL or SDA returns a ton of signals.

I'm not trying to make your job difficult I greatly appreciate the work you do for this forum and I envy your knowledge. But I would like some more patience from you because comments like:

"No idea, looking at battery connector in schematic??? "
" You expect help, but you don't even take your time to properly write the signal names. "

are not necessary comments.

I'm trying my best to comb through all the 40 pins on U7000 to figure out what P_in and en_vr1 are so you can help me as quickly as possible.

I understand the frustration you must encounter with all the posts on this forum, but I'm here to learn how to fix boards sir, this is my livelihood right now, I don't want to be belittled by your unnecessary comments, I'm learning.


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Once you work with Apple stuff, I considered you should have some experience.

Anything who replies here will check schematic, NOT boardview; unless special requirement is needed.
YOU MUST find corresponding reference in boardview.
I gave you the signal names inside U7000, which are shorter.
Just need to see external name and find that in boardview.

However, you should know that Apple still has signal names in schematics which don't correspond with the names in boardview.
In such case, good enough to check the corresponding pin of a component.

About SCL/SDA abreviation.
Which bus do you think is referred, if the post is dedicated to the battery (for example)???

My reaction about RST?
0V on SMC_RESET_L was impossible in this case; as you get 20V at USB-C ports.
So I needed to clarify the situation.

"R7030 shows pp3v3 is at 3.39V"
I still didn't understand what yo've meant...

Finally, I appologise if I offended you.
You understood me wrong, that was not my intention.