820-00875 turning on and straight off

Hi ive got an 820-00875 turning on and straight off, with board connected when you plug the charger in you will get the battery icon , with an amp meter connected it shows it goes to 19.6v and draws an amperage of .6a then goes down to .26a then off but stays at 19.6v , when measuring cpu vcore at L7210 the voltage does go to .9v then slowly down to 0v, im a bit confused as to where to start looking , the board has no signs of water damage at all. Oh and it still behaves the same with the board out and nothing connected


Staff member
Try to start with both charger and battery connected.
Also try in SMC bypass mode.

Does it charge the battery at least?
dosnt start with battery and charger connected, it will display apple logo in smc bypass mode and gets to about 3/4 the way along the progress bar then goes to a white circle with a line through it, when its off with the battery connected it sits at 19.7v and draws .35 - .37 amp for approx 12 secs then drops to 0 and starts amp draw again
OK it has a dead hardrive and a faulty battery pack , starts up fine in another housing with another drive, im a bit confusssed , will these boards not power on from just the mains with no battery plugged in ?