820-00923 smc issue


Arrived with fans spinning fast and SMC issue in Apple Diagnostic.

U4402 was ripped off the board along with U5850. Fixed all the traces for U5850 but U4402 seems impossible. pads 6 and 7 are torn off with only the nittle nub remaining. These both only go under U3200

Is there any other way to try and fix besides soldering wire to little nub with U4402 on top? Tried several times but fans continue to spin fast with SMC issue


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"SMC issue in Apple Diagnostic"
Is not SMC issue.
There should be an error code, to point what sensor is affected.
You can also run HWMonitor and look for strange temps reported.


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Rebuild all necessary traces and check for more knocked off components.
Check continuity between U5850 and R5390/91 and be sure all surroubding resistors are good.

Did somneone change the battery?
Try known good trackpad flex/board.