820-00928 - Damaged Component


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Thank you for your help today! I was tinkering with a trashed 2017 15" MBP i7 2.8GHz 256GB Radeon 555 and I accidentally popped off a component.

In my research, I found the schematics for the board and I think I can identify it as C7052 / PPVBAT_G3H_CHGR_REG.

I have pointed to it with a red arrow (and red box) in the image attached.

The unit still powers on - and I don't notice any issues. However, how "dangerous" might it be to run the machine without this? Is this something that can be replaced?



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First of all, welcome to the forum!

You can find it even on old MacBook boards (many models).
68uF/16V, just look for one similar in size (D2E_SM).
Not very difficult to replace it.
Apply leaded solder and remove it heating and lifting one side first.
Even more easy to resolder it; practice on scrap board.
Do NOT use hot air.

Machine can work without it.
However, may be noted when runing on max specs.