820-01041 2 Lines Shorted


Hello. Got this board here. Lots of seawind corrosion on one of the edges. C9081 was shorted. Short cleared after removing it. I also have a short on C9087 line. Tried injecting voltage and U8800 gets very hot pulling 0.67A from PSU. If I plug in charger, board enters S0, stays "on" for some seconds and dies in loop. I'm suspecting bad NAND. Is there anything I can do to discard or confirm me guess?


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Compare diode mode to ground on L9080 with good similar board.
Possibly overvoltage from PPBUS_G3H to 2V5_NAND rail (through U9080) occured.

Is the machine recognized in DFU?
Can you complete revive, or restore option?


It gets recognized in DFU, but does not complete either revive or restore. Diode mode on L9080 is 0.002,AKA full short
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