820-01041 not charging but works great otherwise.

No charge voltage present.
PPVBAT_G3H is good.
CHGR_BGATE voltage all the way up to 12v at Q7065
U7000 has power and R7061 and R7062 are both reading properly at 1ohm.
U7000 PP1V8_SLPS2R is present

No sign of water damage.

Is U7000 still made out of unobtanium?
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see-ic has some chips pulled from boards, but it's expensive. Try to get donor boards with the chip still on them.


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What is the voltage at F7000/1 with battery alone (no charger)?
Is the battery recognized in macOS?

0V at CHGR_BGATE is required when charging battery.
Did you try known good battery?