820-0152-02 Fixed PP3v3_g3h with replacing chip C03215 then no PPBUS_G3H


I'm new to the T2 chip Macs. I had a water damage come in and had 5v on the charger. Got PP3V3_G3H working by replacing chips C03215. I was then getting 19.8V on the charger. I was only getting 1.8V on PPBUS_G3H though. I was looking for something similiar to ISL9239 like on Macbook Pro's but the only thing I found was a chip that looked like it was creating PPBUS_G3H. This was U7000. (i could be totally wrong) So I thought I'd reflow U7000 and after I was getting 12.4v on PPBUS_G3H. Then after 30 seconds the charger went down to 5v again. And my PPBUS_GH went down to 1.7v. One thing that is bothering me is that PPBUS_G3H will "tone" short to ground for a few seconds then it won't. Could this be a chip failure. Is that something that happens? Like a chip will short and then it won't so it "tone"s short to ground and then doesn't?

I'm wondering where to look next. What makes PP3v3_G3H on this board? What makes PPBUS_g3H and I'd like to figure out the order of what comes first. I see a couple of videos by Louis but they are for the MBP. Thank you for any direction. Right now I'm back at 5v on charger again.


Started at:

5v on charger
0v PP3v3_G3H

Replaced C03215 chip:

19.7v on charger
3.4v on PP3V3_G3H
1.7 on PPBUS_G3H

Reflowed U700(0?):

19.8v on charger
3.4v on PP3V3_G3H
12.7 on PPBUS_G3H

then it took a shit. LOL

5v on charger
0 on PP3V3_G3H
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"One thing that is bothering me is that PPBUS_G3H will "tone" short to ground for a few seconds then it won'"
Allow always 10-15s before diode mode readings (or ohm scale) after power is removed.

PPBUS_G3H is controlled by U7000 (ISL9240).
It also send enable signal to U6960, which generates 3V3_G3H.

You probably have bad solders under CD3215, or still corrosion somewhere.
Compare diode mode readings on power rails between CD3215 chips.
Thank you. There really wasn't too much water damage and it was localized. After replacing CD3215 (both) I was able to get 19.8v. But PPBUS_G3H was at 1.7v. Then I reflowed U7000 and it got me PPBUS_G3H for about 30 seconds. Please verify my thinking. If U7000 (ISL9240) is bad then I think that CD3215 and U6960 will not enable and not give me PPBUS or 3V3. So maybe next time I'll look at U7000 first.

For diode and ohm I do wait awhile after powering down before testing. One weird thing is for PPBUS_G3H when I test the same CAP but switch sides (positive/negative) with my probes it will "tone" every time I switch. Wonder what that's all about? Thx for the advice!


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If you got reaction after reflow a chip, reball it at least.
No idea yet if ISL9240 has firmware; I'll be surpised if not.

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Good luck is my answer lol. Donor board if you can somehow find one or the AirPods wireless charger case has it on the circuit board. It?s like a 100 dollar case