820-01521 Possible SSD failure


Hi, I have this mac that won't turn on, however it has all the SSD voltages and the trackpad clicks. When I put the mac in DFU mode and select the "Revive device" option, I get a "Missing data volume" message. The customer authorized the "Restore" option, and although the mac displays the apple screen, I was not successful. A second error message was generated, as shown in the picture below. While analyzing the NANDs, I found a small spot that appears to be burnt (shown in the photo). Is there any other measurement to be done to verify that the defect is really in the NANDs? If I need to replace them, in your experience, would you say that this is a viable service? Thanks in advance.



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Is not very dificult to change NANDs.
The problem is to get good chips.

Machine actually displays Apple logo?