820-01598 Battery


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Does it try to turn on at least?
Some boards don't run properly, even not booting.
But they should turn on, I suppose.


There was some liquid damge, thats all fixed.
The board trys to boot, vcore comes on for about 1 sec, and then it reboots again.
Similar to when their is some sort of bios damage in earier series of boards.

The battery when connected loads PPBUS down to about 10V, however amp meter shows about 1.4A being drawn, until it cycles again.

I'll try a DFU revive tomorrow, and if no luck last resort in a ultrasonic bath.


This is probabily anotheer T2 or SSD failure.

Mac is stock on 20V 0.3A.
Its stuck in recovery mode in Apple configurator 2. It begins installing the system using system restore. The outputs
"failed to recive message from device, might be a connection problem with usb host) [AMRestoreErrorDomain - 0x9 (9)]

Anyone managed to recover from the error?

I have about 10 T2 macs here with the same fault. All with very minor liquid damage in various places.

This certainly has turned out to be the anti repair chip. :cry:

Any ideas? before i launch these across the car park....!!


I tried multiple cables, different computers. USB A, USB C. Literally everything at my disposal.

intresting that it cycles through the startup sequece during the DFU restore process. But something causes it to fail.

Also worth noting the smallest liquid damage kills these things for good.