820-01700 - Chimes, no other signs of life

Got this one where it would get to 0,4A power draw and shut down after a bit. Restored firmware with DFU mode twice. Now it chimes but that's it: no image, no external video but responds to PRAM-reset. Pulls full power on 87W charger now.

Not a lot of experience with these. Any pointers?
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Ok, will try to get one with the right cable. Would have expected it to work on the battery though. Charging with a lower spec charger shouldn't be a problem imo.

Edit: looking for a replacement. Are there different 2m USB-C cables from Apple, or should the current one I got with my 87W charger just work with the bigger chargers?
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Ok, checked with a 140W charger, no change in behaviour. Noticed the heat pipe getting hot quite quickly after chime, so I'm guessing GPU at this point. Anything still worth checking here?