820-01700 Intermitent Parțial Short on PPBUS_G3H


Hello. Got this board here with liquid damage on the area shown in the attached pic. It had heavy corrosion on that area, which I cleaned with flux and heat and then alcohol. The board started negotiating 20V with the charger and the board partially turned on but was shutting down after some seconds with no image on screen. After inspection I found PP2V5_NAND_SSD1 was shorted to GND. I found the short, cleaned it and the board started in T2 recovery mode. I revived the device. After that the machine shut down and I turned it on again, it stayed in S0 state for a couple of seconds and died. PPBUS_G3H got low impedance, around 55OHMS, almost shorted. I replaced C6525, C6555, C6566 and C6553 as they were looking very bad but still no luck. Any ideas on how to find this partial short?


I found the shorted component. It's the right speaker amplifier. U6500. Anyone know where I can get one? I searched AliExpress for
TAS5770LC0YFF but did not find anything, just some variations of TAS5770 but not exactly the same one.


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Test if machine works without it first.
It has direct connection with T2, which can be damaged now.