820-01814 Short on PPBUS when plugged in?


Board had water damage near U9080, removed U9080 (it looked awful), and most support components around it. Board pulls 20V from charger but Im getting 11V on PPBUS, 14M resistance to ground when powered off.

Diode red on ground = .391 (after 10 seconds)

I get 20V, seems to pull .8 amps then reboot after a minute. Any tips? T2 gets warm, no fan spin.


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Did you solder U9080 back?
Do you get G3S and SSD voltages?
Is the machine recognized in AC2, when put in DFU?


U9080 is still off, i've a replacement on the way from laptop_mb_seller since mouser et. al is out of stock still. No shorts on any inductors or caps anymore.

I have 5v/1.8v/3.3v G3S.

SSD0 shows .9V OK, 1.8V OK, 2.5 missing obviously
SSD1 shows all voltage ok

For a really, really dumb reason, I can't test DFU for a day or so. Thanks, 2.


Got replacement chips. After putting new chip on the board, 2.5 is 0 ohms to ground on pins 14,18,22 and L9081. Thinking I messed up the job I removed the chip, cleaned the pads again, confirmed no short now, and used a second chip. 2.5 switch is still 0 ohms to ground. I've never measured this to know if it's supposed to be open when off.

Did I get bad chip order or am i smoothbraining something.