820-01814 strange screen issues


So I've had this 2019 15" Pro in and out constantly for the past two or three months with screen issues
The customer originally had a dent in the lid causing a backlight blemish, so we've replaced the screen assembly and started getting keyboard backlight issues which was caused by the ALS so changing the screen multiple times to find one which works, over 15 screens later - finally got two screens which work.

Sent it back to the customer and they're now complaining their Touch Bar brightness is too low... that isn't a changeable setting isn't it, you can't change Touch Bar brightness - So got it back in and had a look and can confirm comparing it to their original screen assembly, the brightness is very noticeable. How does this happen?

I'm currently looking for schematics and board view files but cannot find any so I'm looking at a 820-01041 which is almost identical - No rails visible for backlight on the J5110 connector which is for the LCD. Is there any known issues or ways for me to diagnose how and why this is happening?

I literally have no options with this unit other than buy in a completely brand new 2019 machine and swap the screens over, but then the cost in that will be ridiculous.

It's just so strange how not only does the incorrect ALS cause keyboard backlight issues, but also the Touch Bar brightness is a lot lower even if the ALS is working fine.
Any advise would be much appreciated.


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Market is filled with garbage LCD assemblies for T2 machines. If you can't source a used OEM (not refurbished) in good conditions, only thing left is have it replaced by Apple unfortunately.


The 15" LCDs are completely hopeless. Does the ALS really work or did they just put something in there to fake a signal so the keyboard backlight works? I would still say this is an ALS problem. Just disable the "adjust keyboard brightness" under the keyboard settings.
I have stopped fixing the 15" LCDs, none of them have good ALS and the quality of the rest is also dramatic, not worth all the complaints.