820-01958 a2179 efi/bios question


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Hello everyone!
I am new to this forum :)

I have a Macbook Air 820-01958 board. The logic board is actually ticking. (
) same as this.
So I am pretty sure the CPU is dead.

I have a question. I am going to swap boards with another macbook air 820-01958 (the only difference is the ssd size 256 vs 512).
I want to try and keep the same serial number, would swapping the efi/bios chip work in this case?

Thank you in advance!


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First of all, welcome to the forum!

The serial number is inside U4770 (SoC ROM).
Read the chip, change the serial with any hex editor, then solder back U4770 on ITS board.
Do NOT forget to save the backup of your chip; before changing any data.

Be aware, this is 1.8V SPI chip.


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Thank you so much!
I figured it would be easier to program it then to swap it.
I'll make sure to make multiple back ups. :)

Again thanks for the help!