820-01987 stuck 5v.

Yoel Ren

this board came in. customer say its been dropped.
board looks clean. when plugged to charger, its taking only 5v 0 amp.
ppbus is shorted at c9081 ( im using 820-01598boardview ).
now its 5v and cycling from 0 to 250amp.
but only one port will restart. the other board also cycling amp consumption but its not restarting the usb ammeter. is this bad cd3217 ?


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There must be broken trace/solders; possibly under some BGA chips.
Dropped machines are many times nightmare.

Was the charger connected when the machine was dropped?

Something happened into USB-C area, as you get different behaviour for the USB ports.
Compare diode mode readings between CD3217 chips.

Yoel Ren

forget to update here, so the board actually turn on, but there's no backlight.
i found a short caps at ppvout, and mac turn on. unfortunately customer forget password so i have to reinstall, but its not charging and not detecting usb.
tested with another usb c port still the same, so not part problem.
both of cd3217 behave the same now.

battery is detected, and it can run on battery.

is the problem from isl side or still cd3217 side ?

Yoel Ren


IF mac is turned on, both port behave the same. 5v 0 amp.
but if i test board alone without battery, both port consume 0.25amp to zero amp but the port associated with u3100 is looping every 5 second.
the port associated with u3200 isnt looping at all.
from my expereince, the non looping one is usually the faulty one is it ?
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