820-2330, usb drawing too much power message - REPAIRED


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I know it is an old device, but it is my device and I can't warrant buying a brand new macbook pro at the moment.
Anywho I bought it with the usb ports not working/it giving the usb message on screen about 3 years ago and with the help of the movies Louis makes and this forum I have just repaired it myself.
Long story short, the usb ports would not work without using a powered usb hub, with the movies I make myself I now need them working, so I came to the conclusion that it was just power not getting to the usb ports.
Got the schematic
Got a dead board
Got the board out and started measuring voltages and found a voltage that Q4690 was supposed to be giving out was not happening.
Fitted Q4690 from the dead board and now the usb ports work.
Thanks all, I now have a macbook air with a backlight that needs repairing