820-2530 battery issues


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this board has been worked on by someone else before, U7000 looks newer and they put a resistor between c7041and c7040

magsafe green light comes on, but won't charge (no PPBUS_g3H) unless i hook up a charged battery, then will actually power on. but won't power on with battery only
all current sense resistors look ok

i get 20ish ohms resistance between pins 17/18 and 27/28 on U7000

adapter sense is 3.3V but looks like something keeps trying to pull it down to 3.15 when I check SMC_BC_ACOK on U6900 and U6901

is it the ISL or something else?


Check if there is actually a 6258 on there on not a 6259. Resistor between C7040/41 is R7040 I guess? If that all is ok then replace U7000


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R7040 is still there also
is a 6258AHRTZ

i assume the ISL rework and everything was working until a shitty charger did something to bring it to where it is now

could the ISL gotten fried and everything else be fine?


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replaced the ISL and now it's running off of AC but still no battery, everything else looks fine any ideas?


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maybe too much heat/time on ISL when I was putting it down? Do you think I should try another one?

pins 17/18 still giving 21.1k resistance


Dont need BGA machine, it is a small chip ..... Use your hot air station and preheater if you have, hot air station is enough if you don't have preheater, practice in donor boards first ....