820-2530 r6905 keeps dying


R6905 keep dying (burning up) i tried running it out of the circuit but it just keeps failing. Then i ran voltage to it to see if i find a short and d6905 blew up replaced but r6905 keeps going bad. The multimeter isnt beeping to indicate a short but i suspect maybe ppdcin_s5_3v42g3h is killing the resistor?

what should i check?

Paul Daniels

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What's diode mode for PPVIN_G3H_P3V42G3H ?

If it looks like a short, could be C6990 or U6990.

Did you replace D6905 with the same diode from a donor?

If it doesn't look like a short on that net, then I'd consider replacing U6990?

Are you testing without the battery (I assume) ?

EDIT: If you take off U6990, check the pads for shorts to ground, just in case you have a possible board/PCB short ( if things are blowing up ).
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