820-2850 Kernel Panic (go figure)


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I have an 820-2850 experiencing kernel panic,

As you have recommended online I replaced C9560 with Poly Cap, scaped pads to fit larger cap, everything went well, no excessive heat required, no other parts burned;

Since replacing, I cannot get board to turn on;

I have PPBUS_G3H, PP3V42 (and green light), and all S5 rails

L9560 to gnd presents 110ohms, I noticed in diode mode there is only 0.07 drop from L9560 to gnd which is pin 7 of Q9560. Schematic shows diode here so I expect to see .6 ish v drop.

Not sure is maybe I messed up q9560 but can see how it would prevent turn on if no short present.

I was careful to no allow mush heat near CPU, however its likely some flux/alcohol got under it, I applied a slight amount of heat so flow/dry anything under CPU but no where near enough to reflow the CPU.

Any Idea's?

BTW - Have been watching your utube vid's, great stuff, thanks



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So I am wondering, would I have seen Adapter Sence on One Wire if I had checked? I didnt think to try that since I had PP3V42