820-2879-b not charging.

Yoel Ren

hi, this board came in, with problem not charging, board run off battery and detect the battery.

ppbus is 12.2v.
isl is a bit botched, so i replace it.
i replaced smc, still the same.
i tried the previous smc to another working board. i have 12.6v ppbus.

i diode mode pad under smc and found out that smbus_smc_bsa_scl is open.
so i wire it to r5281, but ppbus is still 12.2v.
smc_reset_l is present at 3.3v, but should i make sure its reaching the pad under smc ?


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If you get same diode mode reading on both line, I doubt to have bad solders, or broken traces under SMC; unless both lines broken.
Check resistance between pins 17/18 and 27/28 of U7000.
Be sure Q7055 is good; also check all traces in that area.

Yoel Ren

its 3.5 ohm and 20.5 ohm.

q7055 and the traces are good...
i have measured smc_Reset_l is getting to the pad under smc.
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