820-2915 fan spin for 6-7 seconds, heat at CPU then shuts down.


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820-2915 fan spin for 6-7 seconds, CPU gets very hot, then it shuts off.
G3H, 3.3V remain present.
5V => I have PP5V_S5 and PP5V_SUS. PP5V_S3 and PP5V_S0 die out when it shuts off.
I would like to start it just enough to have it fail the GPU test and get replaced by Apple.
Any leads?


I have had a few with bad FETs in CPU Vcore supply. See if any of them are getting hot. Or was this dropped or liquid?


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dukefawks thanks, I will check on Monday when I get back to the workshop. I did not find evidence of liquid, and the laptop doesn't seem dropped.
I suspect attempts at heating/reflowing the GPU. And during that previous repair attempt may be they dropped the board itself. Otherwise, nothing stands out.