820-2915 LCD_PWR_EN missing


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LCD_PWR_EN is missing and no short to ground. Board chime and mouse light. No video, no backlight. Nothing with flashlight

Is that GPU problem? LVDS_DDC_CLK and LVDS_DDC_DATA present at 3.4V


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I replaced the GPU and now no mouse light and no chime.

I have noted Q7820 is damaged. But I am not sure how to check it as in boardview it is 4 pins. One pin left and 3 pins right and on board I see 6 pins chip. 3 pins up and 3 pins down.

I can measure 3.33V and 3.0V that goes to GPU.
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Why why why did you replace the GPU before confirming it was bad. Pull the GPU and see if the mouse light comes back, these boards should power on without a GPU installed. Q7820 must have been fine before all this mess as there was chime and mouse light......