820-2936 3-Beeps, But Due to liquid?


New member
Got in a board today that has the 3-Beep associated with RAM-slot failure (pretty common on the 3115, haven't had as many 2936 cases), but original owner said it had no RAM issues and only began the 3-beeping issue after a liquid spill. I inspected the board, and there's only one very small spot of liquid "damage", right under the clock, to resistors RR1885, R1886, and R1890. Probe point 1092 was completed green/crusty (but not eroded). Liquid residue was also on the top-half of the PCH face, so I assume it went under the chip.

I'm thinking the 3-beeps are related to this, and not the RAM slots themselves being bad. Just cleaned the board well and it's drying now, but is there something in this area that can cause the 3-beep RAM issue? I didn't see anything obvious towards the top area of the PCH that are directly related to the RAM circuit, but I could be wrong. Could a bad clock cause the "bad RAM" beeping? Board beeps 3 times, not once.