820-2936 does not power on (MagSafe LED is green)


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I have a board that suffered a liquid spill 9 months ago. Board did not have any heavy corrosion, was surprisingly clean.
When I connect a MagSafe, it lights up green but the board does not power on.

It powered on one time after the cleaning...and stayed on. Booted to a folder with the ? mark. I shut it down and it never powered on again after that.

Tried power on pads and plugging in the MagSafe without the battery connected.
This will be the first power issue I'm trouble shooting and I only have experience with the backlight circuit so far and I am looking for some guidance as to where to begin.
Do I test the one wire circuit first?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!


Measure power rails, which one is present and which not... Page 7 on schematic... PPBUS_G3H is present and stable at abput 12.6V?? PP3V3_S5 present???