820-2936 - Green LED flashes


I repaired it a month ago. It had oxidations on R5301/02, R3880/81 and failed SMC. Now it's back, I connect magsafe, the board turns on, LED turns green and turns off. Board remains on.

I've already tested it with another DC.

PPBus - 12.56v

I checked the R7051/52, R7021/22. They are OK. On U7000, pins 17/18 - 3.0ohm, 27/28 - 20ohm

Any suggestion?


Staff member
Board stays on, with activity, only lost the Magsafe light?

Post U6900/1 voltages.
Check continuity between U6900 and central pin of charger board.


Yes, the card continues to function normally.

Continuity of the normal u6900.

It seems to be the SMC again. U6900 pins giving 0v.
U6901, pins 1 and 2 with 0.7v, pin 5 - 3.42v, pin 4 - 0v


Yes, missing. The board is very complicated. I checked the continuity U7000 and U6901, it's ok.

U6901, pins 1 and 2, floating between 1.3v and 0.7v, pin 5 - 3.42v, pin 4 - 0v.

testing, it stopped working overall. SMC_PM_G2_EN 0v. I changed the SMC, it worked again for two days. Now it has stopped again.

Something burning the SMC?