820 3115 B no green light


I have a 820 3115 mlb which does not turn On and has no green light.
Ppbus_g3h - 4.115V

At first I had 1.1 V on ppbus_g3h the I replaced Q7035 and got 4.115V on ppbus, still no green light and no power. PP3V42_G3h is not present.
Any sugestions?
I've also checked the curent sensing resistors R7021-R7022 - 7020 and R7050-R7051- R7052 and the lines thet go to U7000.

Don't know where to go from here.



OOOO my God....are you fucking kidding me Louis?
I just looked at C6403/C6405 area and guess what, C6400 and C6405 are shorted to ground.
This is a EXTERNAL (HEADSET) MIC INPUT CIRCUITRY, never thinked this would be the problem...
The board has green light now, working now on no image on screen and is good to go.
Thank's Louis and Aprendiz for the suggestions.