820-3115 not turning on with J3501 plugged in.

Yoel Ren

as the title said.
macbook came dead, after inspecting everything, j3501 is prohibitng board from turning on if attached.
i used my good logicboard on customer part, the part itself is good. so the problem is from the customer logicboard.

diode mode of j3501 :
3 0.300
4 0.400
5 0.300
6 0.465
8 0.410
9 0.326
10 0.670
11 0.325
12 0.670
14 0.667
15 o.l
17 o.l
21 0.642
22 o.l
23 0.630
27 0.346

green light will not appear if j3501 is attached, ppbus is 12.26 at the moment.
if j3501 is not attached, board straight on turn on and ppbus is 12.6v.

im guessing this is smc problme ?


Staff member
Are these values with airport connected?

Usually this problem is caused by black sponge on top of the connector; it shorts the pins when pressed.
If you already tried another board in the same shell, then possibly contact problem in the MLB connector (of the client board).
Disconnect the other side of cable (from airport card) and check if poblem appears just connecting J3501.

Yoel Ren

yes the value iswith airport connected.
i know the black sponge, but arent they only present on the 2010 kind, the one that you slide to connect, the connection isnt from above.
if i connect j3501 without airport connected at the end of its, macbook turn on normally.