820-3208 Quarter Fan Spin


hey guys! 820-3208 here with quarter fan spin. Repeating every 5 seconds or so... Giver a little spin on fan and turns off. PPBUS_G3H 8.37V steady. Already checked current sensing resistors around U7000 and all them read correctly. No broken traces around it too... Replaced RTC chip and verified all resistors around SPI area and all seem ok. No corrosion at all. The initial symptom of this board was it occasionally stopped seeing battery. Left the board resting on my bench, went home and when I went back it was with quarter fan spin thing... Any ideas on what to check next? Got 0V steady on L7630 even when the board quarter fans, which I think means perhaps dead CPU right?


Staff member
Which coils get voltage, or pulse at least?
What about ALL_SYS_PWRGD signal?

Post diode mode to ground at L/630.
Also let us know some voltage pins of U7600, 13, 14, 3.