820-3330B A1286 No İmage


There is sound but there isn't video. On 3rd and 4th legs of J9000, there were short circuits, I cleaned them and made another path. On 4th leg there is 3.3 volts but there isn't any on 2nd & 3rd. So, I backtracked and checked U9000. On its 2nd & 3rd legs, there are 3.3 volts but there is no voltage on lcd_pwr_en. On the same path there is no voltage on first leg of R9678. In this case, should I replace U9000?


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No matter problem found on 820-3330 board, you need to resolder U8900 with leaded solder.
Is a preventive measure, which can also be related with your particular problem.

Do you get external video?

Check R9010/11, their traces and solders.
Post voltage and diode mode to ground at CLK/DATA lines.
Be sure video connector and cable are good; test with another LCD assembly.

BTW, use "pin" instead of "leg" for electronic components...


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Does that mod survive to PRAM reset?

PCH needs to talk first with LCD through DDC bus, via U9270.
Check if that MUX chip is correctly controlled.