820-3332-A - no image on built in screen - external monitor OK.


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Follow up to a previous post:
Hello all,
So I have an 820-3332 that had it's screen break off. The client still used it for a few months until it started to cut in and out (no hinges to support it). I received a replacement lvds cable but still no image. Checked on our ol friend and Mr. Shoe rubber was installed... So he got new solder and looks great now, but still no image.

What would be the next course of action, what would a shorted lvds line potentially do?

Unfortunately, I do not have a test screen to see if this one was damaged from not being structurally connected for so long.
I had a test screen that was cracked pretty badly, but when hooking it up, backlight came on and i saw some blinking after a few seconds - the folder with a question mark.

I ordered a replacement screen from my normal vendor, and it is not working.

The screen has no backlight at any time. If i shine a light through the apple, its pitch black when turned on and gradually will let light through. But no image of any sort.
Hooking it up to an external monitor, it works fine.

I am working on finding another test screen- i actually asked the client that had that cracked one if i could borrow it again (he wants it for an art project) so i wont know till then if that screen is magical or if i got a dud.

What should i test or do in the mean time?

Thanks all!


First thing is to have a known working LCD. 2012 and 2013/14 assemblies will work. 13" LCD should also work I think. 2012-2014 of course.


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Hey Duke! So, i tested it with a cracked screen - had back light and some image.

The replacement screen i got does not work though. Could this be an EDID issue and are there any solutions to this yet?


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ah yes, tired another cable too - no luck. forgot to mention that. I actually tried the cable from the test screen on it too. No luck.