820-3332 No Backlight, Image OK

Gustavo Gomes

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Macbook Retina 15 820-3332 Board

No liquid damage, but a lot of dust inside.
No Backlight Image is OK.

I´m trying to figure out if its a board problem, screen problem or board+screen problem.

F9700 has no continuity
PPVOUT_S0_LCDBKLT is shorting to ground when screen connected,
diode mode(red probe on ground) pin 2 of D9701 shorted with screen connected pin 1 measures 1260

Any other things to rule out a bad screen or board?

Should I replace fuse and test circuit with screen disconnected?


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If no screen detected, no backlight activated of course.
And what you think to get if already detecedt the short there?

Try complet assembly, LCD+video cable.
If still short, then change LCD connector.

Do not power up the board untill short has gone...


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1. If you have a short when the screen is plugged in to the CONNECTOR but NOT when plugged in, what do you think the Short is?

2. You need a known good screen for testing get one.

3. Make sure the short is gone once you replace the fuse and try the known good screen BEFORE you put power through to make sure the screen was the short not the connector?

Gustavo Gomes

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OK, I tested pins on the Screen flex and pin 1 is shorted, this is a normal behavior when this screens goes bad?
Also when it goes bad it blows the fuse? or its the opposite? Circuit goes bad and blows the screen?


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Plug in a KNOWN GOOD screen and see if you have a short. If so, the short is the LCD connector. If not, the short is either the LCD cable or the LCD itself.