820-3332 no video/backlight


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Hi Team,

This machines starts, chimes but no display on internal or external screen.
Checked and noticed that F9700 was blown, so I replaced it, after what PPBUS_S0_LCDBKLT_FUSED was present but still no backlight display.
disconnected the screen at J9000 and tested again on external screen: OK
Tried another 2013 retina LCD Screen: NOK

reflowed U9100:
now with the LCD connected PPBUS_S0_LCDBKLT_FUSED jumping between 1.8V to 3.0V, if LCD not connected it stays solid 12.50V
PP5VR3V3_SW_LCD at L9000: 5.0V
If I put a torch light on the LCD, I DO have a Display/Image.
Should I suspect u9701?


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Are these diode mode readings with red probe at ground?

PPBUS_S0_LCDBKLT_FUSED is practically same as PPBUS_G3H.
Did you note PPBUS_G3H fluctuating too???


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Yes red probe on ground.
Ppbus_g3h solid 12,5V
That why I think the fuse was blown, maybe U9701 randomly shorting lcdblkt_fused rail to gnd or having dropping the resistance of that rail close to gnd (low r?sistance to gnd)


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Hi 2Informaticos,
you were right the fuse was blown again, so I replaced it.
After what PPVOUT_SW_LCDBKLT was mesuring 55V which means that the backlight boost circuit is working.
I've tried a spare lcd: worked fine
So I disassembled the faulty LCD, then I've found that it had a WD + burn and broken and missing PPVOUT_SW_LCDBKLT pin on the LCD connector.
See attached pictures.
Maybe I can try to fix it
Thank you

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