820-3332 no video issue


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I got this 820-3332 that is not posting video. At first it did post video so i ran asd os 3s150, after about 3 min no more video, machine is still running but no video. Shut it down and rebooted to asd EFI 3s150 it got almost to the memory test and boom no video but still running. I was thinking maybe a bad lcd_en resistor is going out. i check and sure enough no LCD_PWR_EN on pin 1 of U9000. check the resistor R9010 and and get 10kohms checked for power at pin 1 of R9126(well at least at the pad being that there isn't a resistor there) and no voltage(0.0v). i also checked SMC_LID had 3.44v.

any ideas?