820-3332 PPBUS 4v


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Hi Guys, customer came with this one 820-3332 not charging the battery. Green and orange light and shows charging but under system settings it says no charge. Tried a new battery same issue. Measured all resistor around U7000 all seems OK. Resistance between pin 17-18 3.8ohm and between 27-28 21ohm. DC in 16.45v and AC 3.9. No short on PPBUS

R7080/81 ok
R7021/22 ok
R7010/11 ok
R7021/22 ok
R7051/51 ok
R7005 ok

Replaced ISL 3 times, last time with one that came from a working board just to make sure. After replacing ISL not booting, 4V on PPBUS. I know it is usually caused by current sensing circuit, but I cannot find any issue yet, ideas?


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Put back one ISL6259 which got starting before.
Post exact voltage for PPBUS_G3H.
Also post diode mode and voltage readings for SCL/SDA lines.
Good to know CHGR_A/BMON levels too.
If all good, change SMC...

Did you try disconnecting BIL?
Remove also D6950.