820-3436 - boot hang intermittent


pass ASD EFI and Memtest. sometimes it just stops 1/3 of the loading bar.

found corrosion on U7501 and corroded pin 10 and pin6. I've replaced this chip and fixed the trace.

i also have tried other bios with clean me and its still same.


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3436 for sure?
I suppose it is 3435.

Did you try external OSX?
Also try the MLB alone, without LIO board connected, nor even TP/KB, or battery; use external monitor and USB TP/KB.
Did you clean ME with Medusa?
I hope you didn't try with vinafix BIOS file...


just tried:
  • MLB with LCD cable, USB drive, with battery
  • MLB with LCD cable, USB drive with DC plug without i/o flex cable.
same results.

i guess the board probably have a bad CPU solder joint.
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