820-3437-B Choppy Backlight adjustment


I have a 820-3437-B works fine except when adjusting the backlight brightness it jumps from one brightness setting to the next. Its jerky/choppy vs being a smooth transition. I replaced the backlight chip and no change.


Pram reset didnt do anything. its not too noticable but when holding the brighness up or down button its not as smooth as it should be not too much of a problem but just wondering. Its not letting me upload a gif its saying too large its around 3.7MB


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I don't think this to be a problem.
Nobody "plays" with backlight keys more than few seconds in a month.
Don't worry, if machine passes all tests.
I think it depends which version of LP8550 you use. I had a strip where all of them were like that.. can't remember which type it was.


Quick update: I ordered 40x LP8550 from the mouser link above, and they still have the choppy-adjustment. So, I'd avoid buying from there if you were considering.

Haven't tried the python script fix yet, not sure how, but the mouser part isn't a fix.