820-3437-B water damage doesn't turn on only with charger pluged


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hi everyone

I've got a Macbook air 820-3437-B water damage didnt turn on at all U1950 was corroded replaced it and the mac now turns on and charge but i noticed when i connect the charger with no battery connected it shows orange light but the fan doesn't spin and it doesn't turn on even if i press power button but if i connect the battery and then connect the charger it turns on straight away? is it normal? because i test on different macbook air and once i plug it to the charger with no battery connected it turns on.

thank you


I suspect corrosion under the SMC. But first check resistance between pins 17/18 and 27/28 of the ISL6259.
Also when connecting the charger it should show green light first and a second later turn orange even without battery.