So just removed U7100 from my donor board, usual flux and heat it pops off as normal and I set aside to use as the replacement,

Then to this board apply flux and heat.. Wtf! It would not budge! Solder flowing chip still wouldn't move, I had to up the heat and the airflow and gently try to move the chip it felt welded to the board.

Then when it came off and I properly clean the area it seems part of the board layer was fused,


Pins 11, 12 and 13 are gone!

Looks like it's easy enough to use pad strips to take 12 and 13 to the locations below them where they go anyway but I can't see where pin 11 would go.

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Use schematic/boardview to follow the traces.
You must cover the ground from second layer, if visible.
I use small kapton tape parts for such job; and 0.01-0.03mm wires to recover the pads.