820-3437 - No Power Button


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I have a 820-3437 with no power button. The unit powers on when the charger is connected with the battery plugged in, light goes amber, fan spins and stops 3 times then the system powers up and works as expected. I cannot turn it off or on using the power button. I disconnected the IPD Flex and shorted SMC_ONOFF_L to ground but it still doesn't work. I am lost here as the circuit doesn't have alot of components but I still can't find the fault. Any help would be appreciated.


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Woke up this morning to find it dead. Now no power at all. Orange light on. SMC_Reset_L present at 3.4V but doesn't seem to go low. Checked R5100 and R5127 and they are both okay.


PPBUS_G3H present??? if it power on when charger is plugged in even if battery is present maybe battery is not detected..... water damage???? check sense resistors and traces from ISL...


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1) History history history. We need more history!

2) How does R5170 work? What do you measure here/

3) Does PM_PWRBTN_L move down towards 0v when you press the power button?

4) What power rails aren't/are present?