820 3476, 16V on ppbus_g3h


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hey guys,

Liquid damage around U7100 - U3090..

already replace r7021,r7022, r7105 with problem, fix trace pin 27,28 U7100 to c7120. also need to fix a trace pin1,r3088 to c3090!

Resistance on c7120 20ohm and 4ohm on c7150. i have another board fixed on my store and i noticed when i take 7021 pin 4&2 compare with a good board in diode mode i get "board non fixed" - 103v - "fixed board" - about 490v!! i think the problem is here.. but i cant find that, i check ther rails components....

the stupid think one more time is when i put a fake charger the fan spin!! also replace a q7180 for new one and same results!

any help will be appreciate !!


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Shorted high-side MOSFET Q7130.
Change it.
Be sure to have good contact from pin1/Q7130 to pin24/U7100.
Also check R/C7125 and their traces...