820 3476 A, No charge battery


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working on 820 3476 no charge! already repair this one with C7198 shorted to ground. i replace for a new one the machine comes to life but after 1 week came again!

now, with only charge the machine work's well!
with battery + charger i don't have green light and don't start!
fake charger + battery the mac turn on but don't pass 1% and indicates charging!

i compare to working board on diode mode on pin 1 & 2 D7050 and the values it's the same!

already try new battery same history!



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Seems that original charger detects some leakage on the board and gets blocked.
Can be Q7180 issue, or something around Q/D7010.
Post exact value (measured onboard, ohm scale) for R7180/81 and R7185/86.


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hey ,

already replace q7180 for new one no changes!

R7180/R7181 - resistance float 21k - 55k check with another working board and the values don't float! What could be wrong?

R7185/86 - 470K/330K


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Yes i did! i have already tried 3 new Q7180 and same history the resistence float!! i remove Q7180 of working board and i measure R7180 and i noticed that resistance don't float! i think the problem only can be on ISL6259 or the connection pin2 R7180 to the gate Q7180! But the problem is U7100. I replace and the board work's well!!

thank you one more time