820-3476 no keyboard, SSD not detected


This board chime and I see the blinking folder.
Internal SSD is not detected, I tried 2 different, with Big Sur and Yosemite.
External SSD is not detected either, tried with 2 different
I am unable to do a PRAM reset, neither from internal keyboard or external keyboard, even with internal keyboard disconnected, then internal keyboard and trackpad disconnected. Unable also to use the Option key
When in insert a mouse in the USB connector, I have a stable red light

On J4813:
PP3V42_G3H =3.4V
PP3V3_S4 =3.4V

Any idea how to start the troubleshooting here?


Staff member
Seems that board boots and gets stuck, no more activity.
Any history available?

You can try known good BIOS, clean ME.


Indeed it is not frozen anymore with another good BIOS, keyboard is now responsive and SSD is detected.
I don't have a BIOS with clean ME, do you have one available?