820-3536 Clean ME or BIOS needed

820-3536 board

Symptoms are will turn on, in a constant bootloop, chime every 3 seconds. SMC reset does work but nothing changes, PRAM reset does not work. I cannot find any 820-3536 files online, only 3476, are they the same??

Inspected board and some corrosion around U7200, and J6100, removed J6100 and replaced U7200 and same symptoms.

If anyone could provide thank you.
Update: Got my hands on a file, however this was misdiagnosed.

I flashed a new bios and discovered the keyboard is not working properly. 5, T, H, and Space do not work. As well as E, D, C, and left command, hence why PRAM reset wasn't working.

Does anyone know what keys respond to what keyboard connector path?

EDIT: Discovered U8000 had corrosion, and when attempting to clean with iso, chip shit itself and shorted everything to ground, and broke.
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Try known good keyboard first.
These keys seems to spread to more lines in the matrix layout of keyboard.
I dont have another keyboard yet, however I have a fully working motherboard of a 820-3476 and it produces the same issue. It could be the connector too not 100% sure however keyboard itself looks really good, no obvious signs of water damage yet original board did have some.


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If the keys are not in the same row, or column matrix, then is not a problem related with the connector.
And I doubt a lot that you can have two different boards with exactly same connector pin bad...