820-3536 mbpr always-on orange light - board mostly repaired after ld.


Hi guys,

As this is my first question in the forum Id like to say hi to all and thank you in advance for your support.

I got a 820-3536 which was liquid damaged and would not turn on. After UC and replacing ISL6259 (followed the rabbit hole) the system boots fine and works as expected but:

1) the battery must be shorted since the magsafe adapter also shorts when the battery is connected and the macbook wont start - I did not do extensive testing on that not to destroy 6259 again.
2) the magsafe adapter goes from green to orange even with the battery disconnected.

The question is why the magsafe adapter does that? Is there some sensing part that detects the battery and turns green light to orange?

Other than that the system looks great and unfortunately I have no spare battery to do further tests i.e. if the battery is actually charging etc.



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2 is not a problem and standard on airs and retinas. regular unibodies and pre unibodies only have orange light when the battery is charging. airs and retinas have orange light when the battery is not plugged in.

do you have a known good battery to try?


I don't at the moment but knowing this I can ask the customer to spend some extra dough on that.. I will also let him know that there is a slim chance for re-examining the board incase it does not charge the new bat. thank you louis.