820 4924 (2015), wont turn on without battery


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Hey guys,

this mac came with q7320 shorted i replace and the board comes to life!! But i have a original charger 60W, and this board don't turn on with that! the battery of this laptop is swollen, when i connect the battery + charger when i push the button only appears a icon battery!

this Boards (2015) need a good battery to start well?? Or the board should start with only charger ??


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It should start on charger only.
I always test the MacBook boards on the desk without battery and just USB mouse connected.
Do you get magsafe light on charger only?
Post some voltages from ISL6259...


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Ok the problem on this is the battery! i tested with a good battery do a PRAM and the board start on charger only!! thank you 2informaticos!! you can close the post