820-4924 No Green Light


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This is my first board that I'm trying to repair. I have listed the different measurements below but I don't know where to check now. The charger light is green for a few seconds then turns orange (I don't know if this matters). I do not have a fan spin when I plug in the board to the charger. Also, do these boards automatically power on when connected to a charger or do I need to short two pins to get it to start?

When I plug in a USB mouse and plug the board into the magsafe, I the USB mouse does not light up.
PPBUS_G3H12.54 V
U7001 Pin 1 and 23.39V
U7001 Pin 43.43V
U7001 Pin 53.43V
U7001 Pin 30V
U7000 Pin 13.4
U7000 Pin 20
U7000 Pin 30
U7000 Pin 43.4V
U7000 Pin 53.4V
This is a water damaged board with water damage near the lcd connector, keyboard connector, r1830, u8330, u1900, and q5158.

I have not put the board through the ultrasonic yet just in case I missed an area with corrosion.

Lastly, I am missing U8310 and I'm waiting on a shipment from mouser to replace it.
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Voltage on L7560 and L7520. L7520 may be pulsing check carefully best is with a scope, multimeter is too slow to catch the spike.


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L7560 3.338V
L7520 ranges between 5.141 and 5.145V on my meter.

I do not have access to a scope at the moment.


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From what I understand, an orange light means the onewire circuit is not working correctly. If a battery is not connected, I should be getting a green light.